Spree Killer Jared Lee Loughner Gets 7 Life Sentences . . . Plus 140 Yrs.

Earlier today. U.S. District Judge Larry Burns sentenced Jared Lee Loughner to seven life sentences plus 140 years without the possibility of parole for the January 2011 shooting that left six dead and 13 wounded. “The evidence clearly shows that he knew what he was doing, despite his mental illness,” the U.S. District Judge Larry Burns said to a packed courtroom. Loughner spoke just once, confirming to the judge that he would make no statement before sentencing. His victims had plenty to say; cnn.com offers a summary of their remarks. [Quote of the Day from Gabrielle Giffords’ husband on gun control to follow.] Strangely, Assistant U.S. Attorney Wallace Kleindienst cast doubt on Loughner’s sanity. “Mr. Loughner, you have been given a gift, whether you know it or not. Almost all the victims you shot and the families of those you killed came to us and said they didn’t want us to seek the death penalty in this case.” One wonders about the ones who didn’t. [Click here to read the judgement.]