SB15: AR-15 Pistol Forearm Stabilizing Brace


Just got a call from Army vet Alex Bosco (173rd ABNBGD (SETAS)) about his patent pending AR-15 pistol accessory. Alex describes his invention over at (republished here with permission): “I have been developing with the Chief of Prosthetics at local Veterans Hospital a Stabilizing Brace (SB15) for the ar15 pistol, and a few other pistols that are similar in format . . . I am a veteran and after 12 years of service and various deployments I have some mobility issues with my shooting hand and arm and the intent of the SB15 is to assist those with limited strength or mobility while shooting from the one-handed pistol precision stance or one handed supported stance . . .

I think my product also finally gives some extra aesthetic value to the pistol version of the AR15. Attached are some pictures of the prototype that I sent to the ATF for their evaluation and approval. The actual versione will be in Black, Sand and Olive drab and wont have any of the defects you see on the original. The first run should be available by March 1st and the ATF letter [of approval] will be included in every box.

I talked with Alex about the issues of attaching the device. Specifically, how would a one-armed shooter do so without using their teeth? He assures me that vets are capable of doing so with a prosthesis or, if needs be, physical assistance.

If the product doesn’t run afoul of the ATF and helps stabilize the notoriously spray-like AR pistol genre (including the AK alternative) this could be a game changer, generally.

Alex will be testing the product with disabled vets soon and promises to give TTAG the early heads-up on the resulting YouTube video.