Saab Lands $69m Ammo Contract for Carl Gustav M3 MAAWS

Truth be told, a $69m military contract for anything is pocket change. As far as this story goes, we’re missing the money shot: who bought $69m worth of ammo for their Carl Gustav M3 MAAWS? Sweden’s pacifists have been up in arms about their country’s sales to Middle Eastern potentates for some time now. Sweden ranks number two in the world behind you-know-who for arms exports per capita. Saab ain’t sayin’ where they’re sending their ammo. “This is very positive,” the company’s presser preens in that low key Swedish sort of way. “It further proves the capability of the Carl-Gustaf system which until now has been exported to more than 40 customers around the world.” As there are only 196 countries in the world and Fiji’s not big into shoulder-fired weapons, it could be anyone. Let’s hope their customers know a little more about ear pro than our home team: “if you just hold your fingers in your ears when it fires you’ll be alright.”