The Truth About Guns  recently ran a post criticizing RECOIL for running an Obama ad on their website. In a post excoriating TTAG for hypocrisy, rightly pointed out that we’d done the same back in April. True story. Although our ad network screens ad for politics and porn, the Obama ad slipped through the net. We removed it immediately, and I forgot about the whole episode. That’s an explanation, not an excuse. The ad should not have made it live. By the same token, our Obama-related RECOIL post was unwarranted and unfair. I’ve pulled it off-line. I apologize for impugning RECOIL’s rep in this matter. As I said in a comment underneath the offending post, I take full responsibility for publishing all content on this site, both editorial and advertising. I regret the error and will work to ensure that nothing of the sort happens again.