Question of the Day: Why Do So Many Gun Owners Have Boat Accidents?

Like gun manufacturers, TTAG is experiencing a something of a post-Obama re-election surge. Nick’s posts on the possibility of a new assault weapons ban, his report on the run on high cap mags, the Gun Owners of America’s warnings—America’s Armed Intelligentsia is awake, alert and surfing their little hearts out. Speaking of water, I’ve noticed a common theme running through the comments section: boat accidents. It seems that hundreds of our readers have lost thousands of firearms at sea: handguns, rifles and shotguns. What the hell are you guys doing with so many firearms on a boat? Or did you vouchsafe your guns to some sailor for some reason? While federal firearms registration is illegal under the Firearms Owners Protection Act, these accidents could make any future registration scheme . . . problematic. What gives?