Question of the Day: How Rugged is Your Favorite Gun?

I understand the value over-engineering. Rolex wearers might as well have nouveau riche painted on their foreheads but Switzerland’s jewel-encrusted time keepers earned their place on the wrists of the rich and famous via legendary durability. (Yes, a boiled and frozen Rolex can still keep perfect time.) By the same token, Glocks’ rep for reliability helped propel Gaston’s gun to the top of the pops. Then again, Patek Phillipe. A watch that’s a work of art rather than a chronological Sherman tank. Ferrari. Bruno Magli. Much of the world’s high end kit is as delicate as a chocolate lattice basket. So, how much do you value ruggednessositytude in a firearm—given that your average gun owner is less likely to stress test their go-to gun than Yael Bar-Zohar is to sweep dust bunnies from under her bed? Do your guns have to be bulletproof?