Question of the Day: Are Gun Control Advocates Racists?

Here’s a recent comment posted by our resident gun control advocate MikeB302000 that I’ve adapted for effect: “Don’t you see that your way all the people who don’t want BLACKS IN THEIR COMMUNITY have their freedom infringed upon? Even now, when you go out you have to wonder not only if some crazy BLACK PERSON is going to harm you but also if some supposedly lawful BLACK PERSON might. Some of you BLACK GUYS drop your guns in crowded restaurants, others of you take drugs and drink too much, some of you are just fucking stupid and clumsy. You may be the most responsible guy in the world, but don’t think that applies to all BLACK PEOPLE. And our problem, those of us who worry about these things, is usually you all look alike.” See where I’m coming from? [NB: The capitalized words are my own. I am not suggesting that MikeB302000 discriminates against people based on the the color of their skin. Just the firearm(s) in their possession.]