Prevent Violence Doesn’t Know How

“If everyone carried a gun we’d be safe.” That’s the pro-gun side of the argument, as presented by the young actor above. I have two words for that: if only. I mean, if only everyone carried a gun. Then yes, we’d all be safer. Not safe. Getting caught in gang banger crossfire is, literally, a crap shoot. As my father used to say, in the long run, we’re all dead. Safer. What criminal in his right mind would attempt to rape, rob or intimidate a random citizen if they knew there was a high likelihood his intended victim was packing heat? And if a criminal isn’t in their right mind, what citizen wouldn’t want a gun to defend themselves? Eggheads may argue over deterrence theory, but the law of the jungle hasn’t been revoked as far as I know. Criminals prey on the weak. Fewer defenseless prey, fewer alpha predators. Bottom line: guns do prevent violence. Even better, a firearm gives you something useful to do if and when it arrives.