OMG! Guns At Airports! Again! Still! OMG!

This isn’t the first time we’ve drawn your attention to the fact that the blue-shirted goons at the Transport Safety Administration are regularly, in fact routinely, stopping passengers with loaded guns in their bags. The above report chronicles the 17th such ballistic intervention at San Antonio International Airport so far this year. And here’s one the prepared earlier. Which proves A) there are millions of otherwise law-abiding and perhaps-OK-it’s-true intellectually challenged people for whom a concealed firearm is no big deal and B) the TSA has to do something to justify its $8.1 billion annual budget. The WE STOPPED A GUNMAN FROM FLYING meme makes the government gropers seem like heroes and gives the mainstream media a major stiffie. Just once I’d like them to contact TTAG ( for a quote about allowing guns on planes. I mean, why not?