New from Self-Sufficiency Jihad of the Army: Shaher Sniper Rifle

 “The terror regime in Iran may be near creating a nuclear bomb, but their Shaher sniper rifle has already arrived,” reports with understated aplomb. “Hopefully, its 14.5mm (.57-caliber) rounds won’t be hitting any US servicemen or servicewomen.” Roger that. “The Shaher sniper rifle weighs 48.4 pounds, is 72.83 inches long, and has an effective range of 4,000 meters . . . Construction quality and functionality are anyone’s guess as the Jihad terrorists of Iran aren’t known for their artistry or technical capability.” Now that’s just mean. “Not so much an anti-personnel sniper rifle, its use would most likely be to take out slow moving targets such as the CH-47 Chinook and other large objects such as bunkers and tanks.” I wonder if Iranian snipers taking aim at a CH-47 know those big boys can shoot back?