Memo to Kim Kardashian: “Girly Girls Don’t Go to the Gun Range”

Warning: TTAG can not return the 6:06 you may waste watching this video. My point in posting it here: JessicaKardashian1 represents a significant percentage of the population who simply don’t know how to think. Not what to think. How to think. Whether that’s the result of a union-dominated education system or simple genetics is an open question. But it’s worth noting that gun rights advocates are well served by celebrity shooters and the coverage they receive in social media, entertainment TV, etc. Their ballistic activities force firearms fence straddlers to consider the possibility that shooting is, on some level [that they can barely comprehend], OK. In short, the fight for firearms freedom is just as much a cultural battle as a legal or political struggle. Watch this space for Take An Airhead to the Range Day.