Irresponsible Gun Owner of the Day: Unidentified NE Opossum Hunter [Not Shown]


Quick tip: don’t go target shooting without someone who can put a tourniquet around a ballistically compromised extremity and/or call the meat wagon. That said, sometimes it’s just you, your gun and the bad guy. Or, in this case, an opossum. “The St. Libory Quick Response Team was called to an acreage at 5688 N. Webb Road shortly before 7 p.m. Sunday night,” reports. “The man reported having shot himself in the calf with a 22-caliber gun.” Oops! “He was able to call rescue personnel before becoming dizzy and losing contact with 911 dispatchers. He later called back and gave more specific directions to his whereabouts.” We’re gonna give the sole member of St. Libory’s possum posse a pass on his 10-40 fail. But there’s no getting around those muzzle and trigger control issues. Assuming the Cornhusker State marsupial emerged unscathed from the encounter, our “hunter” will have to forgo a stuffed trophy and make do with some TTAG’s IGOTD hardware. How great is that?