Irresponsible Gun Owner of the Day: Ethan Chriman

“Ethan Chriman of the 400 block of Regency Drive was cleaning a .45-caliber pistol when it discharged,” reports. “The bullet struck a man in the arm and a woman in the leg.” Yeah right. A gun doesn’t “discharge” all on its own any more than a woman gets pregnant “by accident.” In other words, “I was cleaning my heater when the damn thing discharged” is no more credible (or responsible) than “I was doing pelvic thrust exercises in the bathroom when my husband walked out of the shower with an erection, slipped, entered me, ejaculated and I fell pregnant” In this case (ballistically speaking) twins! You think that’s a big deal? “In a similar incident in Chadbourn in Columbus County last year, a man’s rifle discharged in his home. The bullet went through a window into a neighbor’s yard, where it struck three people. One of them, a 16-year-old girl, was killed.” Seems this area is to guns what Libertyville was to 1958 Plymouths. Anyway, Mr. Chriman will now possess an IGOTD trophy. Let’s hope it doesn’t possess him.