Happy Thanksgiving from TTAG

Sometimes I want to take gun control advocates by their proverbial lapels and shake them (metaphorically speaking). “It’s a gun people! It’s only a gun!” An invention that’s over a thousand years old. A method of personal defense (and yes, offense) that was fully democratized by Samuel Colt in the 1840’s. You’d think that we’d all be comfortable with guns by now. But no; the struggle to protect our firearms-enabled right to self-defense continues. Those of us who fight for gun rights have a lot to be thankful for. The Supreme Court’s Heller and McDonald decisions. The liberalization of concealed carry laws. The rising standards of firearms manufacture. As we move forward (to coin a phrase) we should never take our God-given gun rights for granted. They help us protect our family, friends, liberty and, most important of all, our lives. Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at The Truth About Guns to all of you.