Irresponsible Gun Owner of the Day: In Canada Guns Use You Edition

Alberta man shot in stomach by unsecured truck rifle [not shown] proclaims. Wow. No wonder careful gun owners strap their firearms down or lock ’em up. Of course our neighbors to the north are hardly alone in this ballistic anthropomorphism. The U.S. media uses the phrase “a gun discharged” more than Tal Brodi says “no I don’t have a Facebook page.” In this case, the “RCMP in Three Hills says the 32-year-old was driving with the gun leaning against the passenger seat and pointing up. But as the man turned onto a different highway, the gun fired when it slid off the seat and struck something in the truck. The man from Wetaskiwin, Alta., required surgery and is in stable condition in hospital. Police say the man will be charged with careless use of a firearm.” Technically, the unnamed Wetaskiwinian didn’t “use” the gun. But point taken. Let’s hope our Irresponsible Gun Owner of the Day has a full recovery even as he realizes that his gun rights—such as they are in The True North—won’t.