CHP Firearms Meltdown

What the California cops do to a confiscated Smith & Wesson 500 revolver shouldn’t happen to a dog. Oh wait . . . Make the jump for the bad news report. Warning: the video autoplays.


  1. avatar Brian says:

    “…hundreds of thousands of them confiscated by cops all across California…”

    Really? That number seems just a wee bit high.

    1. avatar JPD says:

      I googled that to see if numbers were published. All I found (with a 15 minute quickie search) was LA and surrounding areas turning in 8,000 and Orange County with 500. Plus, no mention of long of a time frame these were colllected in. Far cry from the hundreds of thousands media babe reported. May this be the usual accurate, unbiased reporting we have come to expect??

  2. avatar Anonymous says:

    Roth-Steyr M1907 @ 1:33

  3. avatar sanchanim says:

    Ouch…. Well hey at least they are recycling right??

  4. avatar Matt in FL says:

    “Who knows what these uh… the intention is of these types of weapons; obviously it’s not good.”

    Weapons are not capable of independent thought; they don’t have intentions.

    Yes, I know what he actually meant, but sometimes it’s fun to be intentionally obtuse. And no, it’s not “obvious” that the intentions are not good. Perhaps the guy you took that .45 off of makes a twice-daily commute through a really bad area, and his door locks don’t work. In that case, the “intention” is to protect himself in case the worst happens. That seems like a pretty damn good “intention” to me.

    A baseball bat in the hands of Mickey Mantle was a thing of beauty, because his “intention” was to blast one halfway to Melrose. The same baseball bat in the hands of a street thug is an assault weapon, because it’s a weapon that he has the “intention” of assaulting me with.

  5. avatar Jim Barrett says:

    Hmmm. Doesn’t California have a wee bit of a budget problem? Last time I checked, those S&W .500 were going for north of a grand used. Seems to me that the rebar or whatever else they plan to make out of melted weapons is not worth nearly that much. You’d think the retarded monkeys responsible for this program would have thought that out. I have no problem melting down junk guns, but they really should consider reselling good ones.

    Also, that I’d like to see the little reporter woman shoot that “girliest gun imaginable” That looked like a bond arms defender to me and if it is the one that shoots 45LC/.410 then she might be in for a little surprise.

    1. avatar Kevin Bensema says:

      I think we want to be careful wishing that the CHP would resell the good ones. Any time revenue can be derived by confiscating things from the populace you risk creating a perverse incentive – one that might drive government officials to look for pretexts to confiscate property to raise revenue. Allowing eminent domain for private redevelopment or forfeiture laws come to mind.

      It’s said to see such nice weapons destroyed, but I think the alternative would be a practical reduction of property rights.

  6. avatar Darren says:

    Right, they all got “melted down”. If by melted down you mean the CHP took all the good ones home.

  7. avatar Billy Wardlaw says:

    No wonder they have financial troubles – they burn money to make people FEEL safer..

  8. avatar Senna68 says:

    So how do you recycle a polymer Glock ?

    1. avatar AlphaGeek says:

      Personally, I would re-cycle a Glock by dropping the magazine, slapping in a fresh one, and cycling the slide.

  9. avatar jwm says:

    Welcome to California. Now take some of these politicians home with you. It’s a crime to melt down guns that can be sold thru legal channels and defray some of the cost of siezing them in the first place.

    1. avatar Fyrewerx says:

      Think about it…. Feinstein wants to do this to every firearm in the United States of America.

      1. avatar BCK2.0 says:

        Except the ones her personal bodyguards carry!

  10. avatar Jan says:

    There’s no way in their good conscience let these evil guns back into the streets by selling them legally. Think of California’s children saved from all the dangers by destroying these evil guns. /sarcasm/

  11. avatar g says:

    So other states like Arizona and Nevada send guns to be melted off there? Yikes.

    I agree with jwm. Hold a citzens’ auction, with licensed FFL and CPL holders getting first dibs. The states could use the money for better things like road repair, education, etc.

  12. avatar AlphaGeek says:

    Auto-playing videos are evil. Especially if I’m reading this while eating lunch at my desk and suddenly my computer shouts “Guns, guns, and more guns” to everyone within earshot.

  13. avatar Isarmann says:

    So, finding “about 2,000 a year”, I guess the CHP has been collecting them for 150 years or so, to reach the “hundreds of thousands” figure so confidently bandied about in the opening?

  14. avatar Accur81 says:

    It’s just plain stupid to destroy a perfectly functional firearm. They should be lawfully returned to their owners or sold back to the public. Save the destruction for firearms that have been neglected to the point where they can no longer be safely used.

    Between anti-gun perceptions and fear of liability, I don’t see CA changing their attitude. Taxpayers should write their senators. Actually, I think I’ll do that over my December vacation.

    1. avatar Michael B. says:

      Does your department do this too?

      The horror, the horror!

      1. avatar I_Like_Pie says:

        It is against the law to destroy them in Tennessee. The po-po must sell them or trade them for gear

  15. avatar jbyrne27 says:

    That seems like BS. I’m pretty sure re-bar needs to meet very specific mechanical characteristics. You can’t melt together 416 stainless, 4130 cr-mo and whatever else together and get any kind of known quantity.

  16. avatar KLB says:

    Pretty smart for government workers.
    They must be making pennies on the thousands of dollars for the state.

  17. avatar ilikeducttape says:

    Kind of ironic, the Braveheart clip they used – “They will never take away our freedom…”

  18. avatar ensitu says:

    Prior to the melt down they used to dump them in the ocean

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