Cabot Guns Goes Hollywood

“The people at Cabot Guns are a rare breed of geniuses and artists in a vast gun world.” That’s according to ex-stuntwoman, director, babe and blogger Lexi Alexander. Should it emerge from development hell and avoid straight-to-video obscurity, the German-born martial arts champion’s upcoming action movie will feature Cabot’s hyper-expensive 1911s. According to Cabot’s presser, the new film is based on a “complex assassination game involving several wealthy businessmen.” The gunmaker also reveals that Alexander’s hired Cabot honcho Rob Bianchin as a firearms consultant . . .

While awaiting further details on Alexander’s opus and ogling Cabot’s contribution in these gun porn snaps, we clicked over to to check out the indie queen’s previous gun-heavy flick: Punisher: War Zone. Turns out the cinematic Marvel featured 23 different handguns, eight submachine guns, 12 rifles, three shotguns and two grenade launchers.

So, A) Alexander knows a thing or two about firearms (at least cinematically speaking) and B) Cabot isn’t likely to be the only gun on display. Still, will Cabot’s Zinstastic shooters morph from a cult fave to a not-so-obscure object of desire? Watch this space.



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