Brie Lybrand Brandishes in “Message to My Rapist” But Is It Real?

A pageant queen and self-described ‘beauty guru‘ has taken a different tack to stardom. In a video that’s gone viral, Brie Lybrand claims that her father, one Steven Bressler, raped her from ages four to 13. At 5:09, the distraught Tulane University grad goes ballistic. “But here’s a little message for ya,” Lybrand says. “I don’t have to be afraid anymore. Let me show you my weapon collection Dad. This is for you. I carry guns everywhere I go in case you decide to show up. So let me show you some friends . . . ” There’s no independent confirmation of any of the information in the video. And her narrative is more than a little OTT, casually (inadvertently?) accusing Bressler of murder. More to the point, Ms. Lybrand’s resume (click here) reveals an aspiring actress. So I’m calling BS—even though the media has gone for it hook, line and sinker. Career-wise it ought to get the job done. As for Lybrand’s grip, muzzle and trigger control, needs work!