There’s no doubt that the “Tales of the Gun” version of the AK-47 documentary is still one of my favorites, but seeing the testing procedures and machining process currently in use is pretty cool. And if you have a half hour to burn today (like me) this is worth a peek.

9 Responses to Video: Kalashnikov Documentary (Russia Today)

  1. First, the people killed every year by the AK would still be getting killed. Just by a different designers gun. The human race started killing before the invention of gunpowder and we will continue to the end of our time.

    second, am I the only one that questions function testing your weapon at the end of the training by firing straight into the air isn’t the best practice?

  2. Outstanding video. In the slo-mo at the end would that first shot be of the much anticipated Saiga-9? Sure looked to me like an empty 9mm getting flung out.

  3. Around 20:02 into video,they covered the Saiga 12.Curious what Police Agency’s recieved such shotgun here in the states.

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