Doomsday Preppers Shows why Silencers are Required Equipment

Moving beyond the National Geographic induced hype, this is a perfect example of why silencers should be mandatory — not restricted. (Mandatory as in eye and ear protection, not legally mandatory)


  1. avatar Matt in FL says:

    Edited: Yeah, NatGeo induced hype is right.

    The guy says, “You f*cked up, man. You fired inside the blind.” Well… yeah? Was he supposed to go outside to fire?

    Still a good point to make, Nick. Although I don’t know about mandatory. Certainly would agree with “more readily available.”

    1. avatar Stant says:

      Really that is what blinds are for. In any case I’m calling B.S. on this after all the whiner “victim” head was no closer to the rifles muzzle than the shooters was and he was covering his hearing protection with his hand on the side closest to the weapon at the time. Also it was abundantly clear that he was going to fire the weapon.

      I just can’t tell if it was staged or stupid.

    2. avatar Jim Barr says:

      To me, this is an excellent example of how (not) well each reacted in a real-world “catastrophic” situation. And (at least based on how the video was edited) they collectively failed. Sure, they ultimately worked things out, but folks, this was an ACCIDENT. How they would have conducted themselves in a REAL life-or-death situation? These two invested 4 years of their lives and lots of money to protect themselves and their families from dirty bombs, invaders, etc. and they almost part ways because of an accident.

      Yes, this accident could have been prevented, but to me, this is where the media-glorified “prepper” concept is misrepresented and misunderstood. It’s not just about accumulating food, weapons, and supplies. Isn’t part of “prepping” also learning how to use your equipment, but more importantly, learning to cope with adversity? When a real disaster hits, how many of these “preppers” really be able to cope effectively?

      Major fail.

  2. avatar InBox485 says:

    What a load of horse crap!!! There is a reason I don’t watch that show. No effing way was that not 100% fake. I don’t care if it was a bare concrete walled indoor shooting range, the noise isn’t anywhere close to that loud to hurt your ears through muffs.

    1. avatar Not Your Mother says:

      Um. Anyone else notice that “muzzle brake” was a “flash hider”? Crock o’ $-!+

      1. avatar Tyler says:

        I noticed. To me the rest of the clip was just to see the fake hype and drama the producers could cook up. I gave up on TV a long, long time ago.

    2. avatar pat says:

      The dude was wearing muffs. Why did he act like a grenade went off? He was ready for his friend to shoot and even covered the closest earmuff with a hand before the shot. Then he starts blaming his pal. WTF.

  3. avatar ST says:

    I don’t get the doomsday culture at all.

    For one, if someone ambushes you you’re f**ked no matter how large your magazine is. Should someone fall upon an L-shaped ambush, that 100 round drum will shortly become the property of the aggressors.

    Two, the open carry of rifles business doesn’t make sense to me. Just because the government collapsed doesn’t mean you suddenly become the only one with a gun. As such, whatever warlord or gang of pirates which calls your area “theirs” won’t take kindly to strangers walking about with rifles. During normal times we conceal carry to keep the cops and sheeple from knowing we’re armed. During crappy times we carry concealed to keep the bandit gangs from shooting us on sight.

    Even if a gang hasn’t taken over your area, blundering into someone else’s turf after the fall can be a deadly mistake unless you talk your way out of trouble, an option not available when you have an AK strapped to your back.

  4. avatar Dryw says:

    Did I miss some key element or breach of safety?

    Both had hearing protection equipped. Vomit boy covered his left ear (over his hearing protection) prior to the shot, so he knew it was coming. And as Matt mentioned… firing inside the blind is verboten?! What is DPDD (Doomsday Prepper Drama Dude) SoP when deploying to a roofed tower? Harsh language and rude hand gestures until you step outside?

    Manufactured silliness. More” Yeah it’s a Van Gogh, but the market for Van Gogh’s tanked in 2008… I’ll offer you six bucks” real TV.

    While admittedly horribly uncomfortable, I’m not entirely certain I’d want someone who retches without hearing protection backing me up. Enclosed space aside.

  5. avatar Henry Bowman says:

    Dude did not have his ear pro on correctly. At 1:13, you see a clear view of the side of his head and you can see the arch of his ear sticking out behind the muff. He’s a douche for trying to blame the other guy when, in fact, he’s the one who screwed up.

    1. Agreed. Blaming someone else for yourown lack of protection is just bad form. If you’ve ever played sports and gotten hit in the pills, you can only blame yourself.

  6. avatar Mr. Grimm says:

    Ever notice that the ‘preppers’ they like to show for TV are generally gun-dumb folks who decided to jump right into it without really knowing what they are doing? I think the seriously prepared never show up on these shows ‘cuz they don’t want anybody to know that they are prepared.

    1. avatar Dryw says:

      I’m actually upset that I let this clip tweak me as it did.

      When a tornado comes through down here, the news crews inevitably locate the only chain smoking, mumu clad woman with two and a half teeth and a voice like Ernest Borgnine within a hundred miles to interview and represent the local population.

      Doomsday Preppers is message media, and it isn’t aimed at us.

  7. avatar theaton says:

    “…..why silencers should be mandatory.”

    In a free society, nothing should be mandatory.

    1. avatar Totenglocke says:

      Quite true, but the Soviet States of America hasn’t been free for quite some time.

    2. avatar SD3 says:

      “…nothing should be mandatory.”

      Except 300lb female EMTs. Those should *always* be mandatory.

  8. avatar Hazzard Bagg says:

    I watched this (among other crappy shows) last night. My conclusion at the time was that the whole show—not just this incident—was contrived.

    At first I thought that he had been struck by some hot brass (from that sweet rifle). But that never came up…

  9. avatar Mr. Obvious says:

    And this is why I wear ear plugs and ear muffs. Sorry – once your hearing goes it goes. It’s not something you should treat lackadaisically.

    1. avatar Rob G says:

      Ditto here. Doubling up on hearing protection is simple and makes sense.

    2. avatar mikeinid says:

      Looks like he had glasses on, I always struggle to get muffs to seal around shooting glasses. Went to plugs exclusively, but would consider both for bigger calibers.

  10. avatar mgoug says:

    Dumb. I wish I had the 4:09 minutes that I just wasted back.

  11. avatar Leo338 says:

    HAHAHA aweseome! Did you see the scope almost hit him in the eye too? That would have made it funnier. These doomsday preppers are idiots. I was only able to watch a few episodes before I decided I couldn’t take it anymore. If an assault weapons ban does happen I am positive this show will contribute to it somehow. When gun grabbers claim we shouldn’t have guns because we are stupid, un-educated, and irresponsible, they are referring to the people that are on this show. They think all of us are like these people. I am all for the 2A but when I see people like the ones on this show I can see where the libs are coming from. These people are wacked out of their mind.

    Most of these preppers just buy the gun that they think looks cool. They aren’t familiar with it and they think just because they have a gun they are unstoppable. I saw a preview one time of a whole family posing with their guns and daring anyone to take their stuff. The entire family was obese, yet because they now own a few AR’s they can survive anything in the world including an angry mob of 1000+ thugs from the city.

    I am also shocked there haven’t been more accidents than the 3 or so that have happened so far. I know a man had some accident and I believe shot himself while out practicing with his children.

    I hope they cancel this show soon!

    1. avatar theaton says:

      “I am all for the 2A but when I see people like the ones on this show I can see where the libs are coming from. ”

      In other words, you’re all for the 2A expect for the people you don’t approve of. Said another way, you don’t believe in rights at all.

      1. avatar Leo338 says:

        “expect for the people you don’t approve of.” WTH?? That’s a little hard to comprehend.

        As I stated I am for the 2A BUT I can also understand where the liberals are coming from when you have this guy and the other one who shot his own thumb while attempting to teach his children how to shoot on TV. They do not represent me and I don’t think they represent the gun community as a whole, at least I hope not. Now tell me where I stated I am not for the rights of anyone? Reading is your friend, don’t be afraid of it.

  12. avatar AJD says:

    Another prepper bromance killed by tinnitus.

    1. avatar JD says:

      BCOTD best comment of the day…. “4 year relationship”? of what, hiding the sausage, that was the sorriest excuse for a human being I’ve seen in awhile, and that’s saying something because we have roving packs of pink haired 200 lb. lesbians roaming free here in Seattle..

      fat and old kill, but if the grey matter is compromised to that extent, well, you can always save a round for yourself and become less of a drag on the Real survivors.

      this had all the realism of Discovery channels next greatest hit, “Amish Mafia”, the first sentence uttered in the ad for it is “Yes, there IS an Amish mafia.”

  13. avatar anonymous says:

    I was a camera man on one of Discovery’s major reality gun shows. The producers faked shit like this ALL THE TIME and is the reason I quit after one season. They even had white boards written up well in advance of filming that listed the three dramatic beats they were planning for each episode. Of course things came up that weren’t planned for which the producers would milk for everything they were worth. It’s likely the guy may have really had felt a bit more decibels then he was planning and said something. Then a producer took off with it. It’s also possible something else entirely different happened that we didn’t see and the producers and editors made it into this. They hire major drama queens to produce these shows. It doesn’t take much for them to turn something into the biggest deal ever.

    1. avatar Rob G says:

      I’ve often suspected that was the case with those shows and I appreciate you sharing your insight.

    2. avatar Pascal says:

      My 6th grade teacher (true story) was one of the many who wrote scripts for WWE and we as being part her class had homework on editing or making changes to the script. Her take, it was teachings us not to believe what you see on TV.

      All the reality shows try to pump up the drama otherwise the shows are a bore. I agree with you that maybe this guy really did feel the concussion since he pressed on one ear muff it may have lifted the seal on the other ear but then the pumped it for all the drama its worth.

      Sadly, these people deeply believe in what they are doing as much as the anti-gun crowd believes that eliminating all guns would magically eliminate all violence in the world.

  14. avatar Layne says:

    Are you freaking kidding me? What if you’re “ambushed” before you have a chance to put your earmuffs on? Is this the type of candyass you want fighting beside you? At least he’ll make good bait.

    1. avatar Rob says:

      AGREE 100%, THIS DOUCHE BAG WOULD NOT BE WITH ME DURING A FIRE FIGHT. Its people like him that give those of us that are actually prepared if the shit hits the fan a bad name. i have not changed the way we live our life one bit but have most things we will need tucked away if the need ever arises. This guy would be one of the first killed and someone else would be living in his “bunker”. that show has gone down hill every episode, the ones that will actually survive something drastic are the ones you will never know anything about.

  15. avatar Jake 45 says:

    Close quarter training live fire inside a room. Ear plugs under your head phones you are golden. These guys would not last very long if the bad stuff really did happen. Hoard all the weapons and food you want, common sense is what survival is all about.

  16. avatar Mike S says:

    If some f***ing vag1na was on a hot line (or in a hunting blind BUILT TO SHOOT ANIMALS FROM) with me, didn’t have his earpro on properly, and tried to blame me when he wet his pants because I “f***ed up and fired inside the blind”, he wouldn’t have to worry about deciding whether to continue the relationship.

  17. avatar ReyDeeeezy says:

    I watched this episode yesterday all I kept thinking while watching these two was Mall Ninjas

  18. avatar A. Lee says:

    Not only is he a whiny douche, he also broadcast his location on national TV.


    Put that in Google Maps and you’ll see where he lives.

    1. avatar Dryw says:

      A. Lee wins this thread.

      *still laughing*

    2. avatar Mike S says:

      Oh man that’s funny.

      1. avatar sdog says:

        wait so the one guy is trying to blame the other guy for not wearing his ears properly? smh

        A. Lee FTW

      1. avatar DonS says:

        Minor nitpick…

        The photo taken from the windmill, the view is to the WSW, not ESE.

    3. avatar Scott Henson says:

      Thanks! Now I know where to go for food and ammo when the SHTF.

    4. avatar AaronW says:

      The EMP strike will disable your navigation. You will never find him. Fail.

      1. avatar In Memphis says:

        AaronW, they have these things called maps and compasses. Combimed it is like a GPS on paper. It is just one of thoes things that is dying off though as we continue on a quest for making life easier.

        1. avatar AaronW says:

          Just a little silly humor on my part, sort of parodying both over-reliance on GPS and people who think they can’t be found – especially when they’ve been blabbing about their preps…

      2. avatar In Memphis says:

        I figured you were just joking around and I forgot to add that I was being sarcastic in my comment. It didnt give me a chance to edit within the alotted time and its not even giving me a chance to reply to your reply.

        1. avatar Matt in FL says:

          In Memphis: Just fyi, when comments reach the fourth “tier” they stop moving over. From there on out if you want to continue the same “thread” you just use the most recent “Reply” link above that thread, and it will fall into line. So to reply to Aaron W, you’d use the link below your post of 23:14, or to reply to my comment here, you’d use the link below your post of 12:43.

          Prior to the switch, we’d have reply nesting that reached 6 or 7 tiers, and the reply would literally be a column of single words. It was sorta comical.

    5. avatar AaronW says:

      Some of these preppers need to put a silencer on their mouths before they put silencers on their guns. I’m not against what they’re doing, but saying too much about what you’re doing to get ready, especially on TV is a great way to invite marauders.

    6. avatar WLCE says:

      you guys are hilarious!

      the first rule of survivalism is…..


      thank you for proving that point!

  19. avatar Cellude says:

    I only watched one old episode and had enough. They were touting how “bulletproof” their shipping container house was by shooting a .22 at the corner of the container! Worse part was they edited the sound to make it sound like it was a substantial round being fired!

  20. avatar APBTFan says:

    Oddly enough if you actually are allowed to own a firearm in England a silencer (I think they call it a dampener or something like that) is sometimes mandatory.

    I have a good friend in the UK, Wilson, that passed all the tests from the local constable and was able to acquire a Walther G22 but under no circumstances was to use it without a silencer. He was incredulous when I told him how much work it was to get a silencer here. He, like many Europeans, figured “anything goes” here in the States.

  21. avatar AM says:

    I thought he was supposed to fire?

    Why did the other guy get pissed?

  22. avatar Mike says:

    Did you notice the same hearing challenged prepper ” clearing his house” with one of those 410 revolvers? If he had to fire how loud is that? In fairness it looked like his hearing protection was askew. Vomiting would be a symptom of a hearing injury as you lose balance and get dizzy.

    In one scene he also challenges his partner on arrival with the whole family running out and pointing guns at them. Really? You dont point guns at people period. Just too easy for an ND. Sure its unloaded. You think it is until its not.

    Also the who family runs outside with no cover to point guns at the visitor. You just left a stone house to stand in the open. The kids go prone in the open. Why dont use the house for cover? Dont show all your shooters either. A video camera could establish who arrived. Plus a wire cutter and you in anywhere you want. You dont need to drive up if your a bad guy.

    The whole thing about these shows is an over emphasis on guns. Thats to scare non gun owners. Make it seem more extreme. Plus with all your thousands of rounds of ammo, you will probably be dead before you use a hundred. Just how many gun battles are you going to survive? The enemy gets to pick the time and place and none of these jokers put out sentries. The enemy will be taking the first shot. Carrying long guns just makes you a target. Carry concealed and let your hidden security elements do over watch with long guns if needed.
    There are valid reasons to prep for real threats for your region. Power can go out anywhere at anytime. But if your super serious about doomsday scenarios, you need to live far far away from urban areas everyday all day. Black Swan events happen with little warning. You are not going to be assured of being able to move after it starts.

  23. avatar Ed Rogers says:

    Let’s face it – It’s entertainment…unfortunately at the expense of some well-intentioned ,yet perhaps less-than-capable people. I personally enjoy the show.

  24. avatar NP says:

    Wow, wuss boy needs to cowboy up. If SHTF happens, guys like this will last 10 seconds. Toughness, quick/correct decision-making, realistic training/prep, and an unwillingness to give up no matter what are some of the only things that will help survive. A gun is just a tool and the bad guys will have them, so while gunhandling is important, it is not nearly as important as learning to fight dirty and practicing to do unto others before they do unto you. At the end of the day, Tactical is mostly being sneakier and meaner than the other guys and getting into their head so that you know what they will do and can counter it without thinking.

    No one is going to wait while he catches his breath and vomits, he would just be dead. Heck, if someone shot AT him, this guy would probably pee himself and faint. While I have not been downrange myself I trained for it and have been close (DGU and 10 years in 2 branches) and I can smell a wussboy.

    All I would have to say to him is: “Loud noises are scary, if you can’t handle it, stay in your mother’s basement and off of the TV”. I say this as someone who was a loader, driver and a gunner in a tank. Got so loud you could hear it through your mouth when that main gun went off next to you or the .50 cal went off over your head dropping brass down the back of your shirt into the drivers hatch. You just have to keep going even when it hurts and you get dizzy and want to lie down or haven’t slept in 3 days…just repeat…”Good Training…” and keep going. They missed a good opportunity to train working through minor injury and learning to do hard things.

    Oh and the other guy with this nice Sig. Great gun but his 100 round mag is going to jam when it gets bounced around a little…then he can throw it at the bad guys or toss his cookies like his friend did.

  25. avatar Matt in FL says:

    I’m actually kind of fascinated by this, now that I think about it. They mentioned that his ranch is 300 miles from Houston. I’m curious if he runs around with his gas tank more than 3/4 full all the time… I mean, after all, in a SHTF scenario, you want your bolt-hole to be within range of your gas. If he had to run at 1/4 tank, he might be boned. You don’t want to have to stop for gas (if there’s even gas available) if the end of the world is chasing you.

    1. avatar Layne says:

      Driving that stretch of I10 is ambitious on any given day. To think you would even clear the city limits if the SHTF is laughable. They have reversible lanes just for hurricane evacs since that’s enough to make I10 impassible. I seriously doubt anyone is going to move the lane dividers on bomb day. This is why I don’t get the whole “bug out bag” fad. If you live in a city and you try to leave, you’re as good as dead. If you’re really worried about it, you need to be living on the ranch full time.

      1. avatar Matt in FL says:

        “If you live in a city and you try to leave, you’re as good as dead.”

        There’s a show on TV right now called Revolution about the lights going out and the fall of civilization (a horrible, horrible show with so many plot holes it looks like your grandma’s lace doilies, but I digress) that says over the opening intro/credits, “The lucky ones made it out of the cities,” one of the few accurate things about that show. At least the people in Houston have cars. If you lived in the middle of NYC in that scenario, you might as well (to steal a phrase from someone else in this thread) wash your mouth out with buckshot as soon as the lights go out.

  26. avatar jacquejet says:

    So, their hideout is 300 miles outside of Houston. Are they expecting the terrorists to give them notice before the “dirty bomb” is set off?

    I also liked the information that a 100 round extra high capacity mag is important in an ambush. All these years the military has been stuck with the low capacity 30 round mag.

    Plus, seeing them all “tommy tactical,” especially with the EMT and them with a couple of hand guns tucked here and there. You never know when a first responder might want to give you an extra needle poke.

    1. avatar Dryw says:

      Drop-leg holster (with prerequisite corresponding drop-leg mag pouch), expensive LBE gear festooned with MOLLE strapped goodies, tactical ripstop cargo duty pants with pockets every four inches, $300.00 boots.

      “You want to kill me first because I have tons of cool stuff you want”

  27. avatar WLCE says:


    drum magazines are notoriously unreliable and you have a rifle that does not have a abundance of spare parts. Yes, superior firepower is ideal for countering a ambush, but only when you have the advantage in firepower and personnel. Two people cannot counter a coordinated ambush and god knows those two could not break contact in a timely and efficient matter.

    Black is a horrible camouflage pattern and you will not be running around in that tactical gear (unless in the unlikely event you are inside a fortified position or bunker LOL) because it will draw unnecessary attention to you. of course, the slow learners will find this out the hard way. Also, leg gear SUCKS! trying walking around with it sometime. It is unnecessary.

    dirty bomb in houston? are you f–king kidding me?

    preppers. stop worrying about stupid shit like that.

    and safety? what are you going to do if you have to fire back from inside a building? train like you fight and fight like you train.

    1. avatar Matt in FL says:

      Well, as far as “dirty bomb in Houston” is concerned, I’m sure that’s for dramatic effect. As in, “What are you prepping for?” “Well, if Houston ever got hit by a dirty bomb, we’d want to get way the hell out of town.”

      It’s a reason to prep, but it’s not necessarily the reason. It’s like the state/county emergency agencies that run “Zombie Apocalypse” drills. Nobody really expects a zombie apocalypse (more’s the pity), but it provides a good (and fun) point for people to rally around without having to say “civil unrest” or name a specific disease.

    2. avatar Mike S says:

      Another note on the black MOLLE gear….. I guess they’re assuming any event requiring bugout won’t take place in the summer months, because wearing that sh1t in July, in Texas, is gonna end with somebody needing an I.V.

      1. avatar WLCE says:

        my thoughts exactly.

        black nylon and fatigues belong with SAS or SWAT-style urban entry teams. Lightning fast raids. intimidation. speed, surprise, and violence of action.

        Not bugging out.

        hell, even camouflage is a liability. regular clothes will suffice unless you are raiding somebody else’s stash. it cracks me up seeing these guys wear all of this gear.

  28. avatar Average_Casey says:

    Seriously, I watched an episode last week and the guy would run around in a gillie suit and try to sneak into his house and scare his wife. Then he was bragging about he always had three of everything but the guns were 10/22s. He was thinking that they were great for self defense and hunting. I don’t think I will ever take that show seriously because the people are so ignorant that I’d be sad if they were really that way.

    1. avatar WLCE says:

      thats about as hilarious as the couple (in arkansas i think) that has a beautiful home and garden, where they can food and have a awesome community, but the wife doesn’t believe in using firearms because “the world is too violence oriented”.


      well see how long people like that last. never ceases to amaze me.

      people that I personally know that prepare are everyday teachers, business owners, police officers, and farmers, with self sustaining land, with adequate weapons, and most importantly, realistic understandings of how to survive. and they STFU about it.

  29. avatar Steve says:

    Great, let Feinstein, Shumer or the VPC see this and those clowns will use this to get rid of all rifles..

  30. avatar GS650G says:

    I think those guys from Houston should worry more about who dates their daughters than how to bug out 300 miles from Houston to a pair of houses in the desert.
    Both of them came off as real nut cases.

  31. avatar Nine says:

    I kinda like this show, but am I the only one who notices that most of the people focus more on ‘stuff’ rather than skills?

    That, and the others focus too much on living off the land and pay no attention to that they may run across some unsavory characters.

    1. avatar NP says:

      You got that right. I don’t watch these shows but from the clips they just seem like the standard reality show hyper-dramas with prepper gear thrown in. I see no value in what they are doing. It is just like a big expensive LARP for crybaby nerds who got pushed around in high school.

      Most folks don’t really get it. The ones who survive when SHTF are the ones who can most quickly shed the thin veneer of civilization. When food gets scarce and there are no police…then every stranger is the enemy (even women and children – sometimes they will just be bait) and every interaction can quickly escalate to life or death.

      The darwinian effect of having no effective higher authority will quickly weed out those who are not ruthless, so guys like this are just collecting toys for others to use after they get dead.

      1. avatar WLCE says:

        yup and anybody that doesnt think otherwise is foolish.

        often, in order to obtain favorable circumstances in such a darwinian/hobbes situation, one must resort to what is perceived as anti-social behavior. Dr John Forbes Nash proved this colorfully (see Game Theory).

        people like this are too soft. they are the product of a society that has shielded the weak, stupid, and lazy from the realities of the big world, creating a subspecies of human called “petroleum man”.

  32. avatar Kurt says:

    If he thinks that 140db is bad, try a 8″ SBR at 169.7db. This was tested and proven. I was the the testing. Trust me, it’s FREAK’N LOUD!!!

  33. avatar In Memphis says:

    Man these two need some cranberry juice.

    And that hack “EMT” putting some gloves on but in short shorts. Great BSI precautions, he never would have puked on your legs.

    I havnt had cable or sattelite in years. I would hate to waste a hundred bucks a month on this whiney @&& garbage. Ill put that money towards shooting my guns before watching other people “shoot” guns.

    1. avatar WLCE says:

      and that is the step of a true patriot.

      it amazes me how many shooters bitch about money but seem to spend it on video games and cable television. Rip that shit out!!! 😀

      1. avatar jwm says:

        Amen. My cable was 80 bucks a month and there was maybe 2 shows I liked. Fvck comcast.

        1. avatar In Memphis says:

          Comcast = Nazis with tool belts

      2. avatar In Memphis says:

        Haha yea pretty much. Dont get me wrong though, I have no problem with entertainment, I just prioratize. I dont even own a computer (if you dont count this smart phone). T-Mobile sucks across the board but they save me money. The only thing that sucks is havin to rely on my partners phone when we are in the sticks… the tripple redundancy of a radio and two phones would be nice.

        1. avatar WLCE says:


          there is nothing wrong with entertainment, but thats just it; it is entertainment, not something to do when you dont work.

          anyways. maybe its just me, but i have never been satisfied watching a game, watching movies, or perusing facebook, or other methods of living your life through other people’s lives.

  34. avatar Matt H says:

    And here I had been assuming that Revolution is the stupidest show on TV. Now I remember why I dropped cable. Wasn’t NatGeo supposed to be one of the smarter channels?

  35. avatar chuck says:

    He could have easily avoided any hearing damage if he would have stuck tampons in his ears before puting on the hearing protection. I’m sure he has a few extra in one of his pockets.

  36. avatar Ta2d Cop says:

    Both of these guys should just wash their mouths out with buck shot now and save themselves the the embarrasment of being the new poster children for the “prepper movement”. They beat the ass hat from last year that blew his finger off then almost died from shock!

  37. avatar DisThunder says:

    Wow. I’ve had my bell rung a few times, and it’s not a lot of fun, but I never lost my lunch or broke up with my boyfriend over it.

  38. avatar Mr. Carpenter says:

    The guy cried, like a baby. It was actually funny..he had like 9 weapons strapped to his body and was crying. I died laughing. As for the noise…1st, the muzzle of any rifle needs to be outside of the enclosure. If it was anywhere outside even an inch out the window, the noise would have been 1/2. Common sense. #2, Those guys were both deranged lunatics. Did you see them?

    1. avatar Dryw says:

      Ahhh! “…you fired inside the bunker…” not “…you fired your weapon while we were in the bunker…”. Completely overlooked that.

      Doesn’t justify the mountain of other ridiculousness, such as ill-equipped hearing protection, but I get the premise of the (inappropriate) rant now.

      Still… the weeping and the puking… too much. I’ve been unintentionally exposed to similar. It was unbelievably uncomfortable and I wouldn’t willingly do it again. I held my lunch, and I’m no he-man.

    2. avatar Nick says:

      It didn’t look like the muzzle was any more inside the blind than his buddy’s was.

  39. avatar J.Parks says:

    Oh, that was funny. “target aquired Tom, fire in the hole” Tom covers left ear knowing this guy is firing. What a none shooting, bullshit artist, he fired in the blind. Which is exactly what he should be doing. It’s your ranch and your rules, then I eat you.

  40. avatar stngray713 says:

    This guy seriously aggravated me more than most of these so called expert preppers. Asides all of the other crying and puking that was mentioned in other posts, did anyone notice how he left his whole family as sitting ducks in the car while he cleared the “Alamo” by himself? His plan for when his house is attacked was to have his whole family get their stuff and go outside and separate from each other, with his kids lying in the open on the porch? Or his “IED” that he used tannerite to detonate? This guy was a pure whiny punk with too much money and no skills or balls. His “Alamo” will quickly be overrun and his toys and supplies will just outfit whoever gets to him first. I don’t even want to get in to his sorry excuse for “hunting” and BS about respecting animals while having his 11 year old slit the throat of the goat. If I was his buddy that he said he might have to let go while he was crying like a baby, I’d be gone in a heartbeat. That guy is nothing but a liability and I would not trust him in a fox hole. On second thought I may stick around and just come in, kick him out and take his stuff when the SHTF.

  41. avatar NetRanger says:

    What? End of their prepping partnership? What a bunch of manufactured BS. You don’t fire your prepping partner when he makes a mistake. I know how loud something liek that can be but, sheesh! Be a man about it. That stupid crying around like a child is like, so undignified.

    I’ve been hit in the face with a shockwave from something like that before. You want to make sure the muzzle is out past the inside wall of the enclosure. It will redirect it back toward you and it will *HURT* but what a wimp.

    If I was the guy that fired the shot and saw my ranch owner buddy act like that guy, I’d fire *HIM*. He’s a liability. Does he think that its all going to be lollipops and rainbows when TSHTF?

    NatGeo people are such sheople. I can’t stand to watch these idiots and their manufactured, unprofessional, uninformed, retard drama.

  42. avatar SpaniardECho6 says:

    I’ve fired a carbine lengnth 7.62x54R. Said “what?” for a about a week but never threw up or cried. As for that obesse woman in the omega vest I know these types…Oversensitive antisocial types… I bet if you were @ his BBQ and said a swear word within earshot of his kids he’d be like ” whoah…your outta here man. ” He loved how professional he thought he looked telling the other idiot how much he screwed up. Btw, “That first goat kill” ritual was REAL deep man, that was like Clark and Rusty Grizzwald sharing a beer.

  43. avatar SpaniardECho6 says:

    Forgot to disclose that I was sans earpro like a numbskull shooting the Dragonuv rounds that day*.

  44. avatar Fanged says:

    Think in a realistic live fire/ fire fight that you can be puttin your hands on your ears let alone have time to open up your lil fanny pack and get out ear pro.. your kidding me right. Try running with a m249 down a hospital corador under fire and returning fire.. c4 blasting out doors. imo.. this guy and his broke dick mountain pal shouldn’t own guns.. and ieds really man.. get a life and put groups out at your “kill zone”

    but i guess if you puke from a “buddy” firing next to you then your plan is legit.

  45. avatar May says:

    This is either fake or he is the biggest cry baby in the world, a few years ago I accidentaly shot a 30-06 ( a large gun) while unloading inside a truck with no ear protection and only had minor ringing sound that lasted a few mins also if you watch again you’ll notice his ear protection is going around the back instead of top that didn’t properly seal to prevent noise but he blamed his buddy.. typical rich boy

  46. avatar May says:

    This is either fake or he is the biggest cry baby in the world, a few years ago I accidentaly shot a 30-06 ( a large gun) while unloading inside a truck with no ear protection and only had minor ringing sound that lasted a few mins also if you watch again you’ll notice his ear protection is going around the back instead of top that didn’t properly seal to prevent noise but he blamed his buddy

  47. avatar May says:

    This guy is dreaming if he thinks he can jump in his fancy ride and get out of Houston if something like that happened, it hard enough on any afternoon add everyone trying to move out plus wrecks, emergency vehicles, abandoned cars run out of gas from waiting cars left on the shoulder guard rails there’s not a snow balls chance in hell of getting out of that town quickly his vacation house 300 miles away will never be reached

  48. avatar May says:

    This guy is dreaming if he thinks he can jump in his fancy ride and get out of Houston if something like that happened, it hard enough on any afternoon add everyone trying to move out plus wrecks, emergency vehicles, abandoned cars run out of gas from waiting cars left on the shoulder guard rails there’s not a snow balls chance in hell of getting out of that town quickly

  49. avatar JD says:

    First, Dave Hester sued the network, claiming “Storage Wars” was staged. Now the network’s History Channel division has its own lawsuit brewing over its hit show “Pawn Stars.”

  50. avatar Reese says:

    Hahaha, sorry, I dont care about any of this, honestly if he is a doomsday prepper and he cant handle a little percussion inside a blind, seriously what happens if your are actually under attack and that happens and you go crying and bitching? Are you serious, lol I doubt he could kill anyone if he simply cries from a little ringing in his ear. such a little bitch in my opinion.

  51. avatar George Stump says:

    Those two on the show have more stuff than they wanted to show I met them at an event and down to earth salt to the ground. They offer camps on survival and how to use a firearm and give deer meet to orphans around the holidays. I liked the show and remember it is a show and reality TV. They should be the Dooms Day Alamo TV show not the script show of Dooms day under construction bull shit tity for producer show of some idiots doing stupid shit and should finish the lego block looking thing. What a wast of time I change the channel and stick a fork in my eye when I see these idiots promote the lame show. Never saw it and will never see it if paid.

    These guys know and have more shit than those movie produced show to sell commercials and waste our time.

  52. avatar George Stump says:

    Dooms Day Preppers rule they should have the best of Dooms Day and have a show off on who knows more and see who is the cream of the crop.

  53. avatar Kent Jordan says:

    I know this thread is old but was “ANYBODY” besides me outraged when the crybaby douche and his family pointed live weapons at the other family arriving when they know fucking damn well who they were and ordered them to the ground anyway? “FUCKING ANYBODY”? “OR AM I THE SOLE VIEWER PISSED OFF BY THAT”???????????????????????????????

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