CheaperThanDirt’s Strategy Following Obama’s Win: Steady As She Goes

Cheaper Than Dirt is one of the largest firearms and accessory retailers in the United States. They sell guns, ammo, gear…you name it, they’ve got it. Which, following President Obama’s re-election last night, means that they’re probably about to see a rather large spike in traffic as people begin stocking up against the perceived threat of an assault weapons ban or ammunition restriction. Do they have a strategy for fulfilling those orders? Are they selectively stocking up on certain products? Are they changing anything at all about what they’re doing? Nope. According to my source inside CTD at least . . .

I asked them what their post-election strategy was. This was his answer:

Same strategy as before the election, have vast amounts of inventory. It will be tougher to get products at good prices for us to sell.

AR lowers are going to be fast sellers everywhere. Full capacity magazines will fly off the shelves.

Ammo sales will be even stronger for the next six months. Ammo prices will go up because of demand, and consumers will blame us for higher prices and lack of product.

I expect a surge in all shooting products, and it will be difficult not to panic buy myself.

Now please excuse me while I order another case of 5.56x45mm NATO ammo….