OMG! It’s a Gun! A Radar Gun! OMG!

“‘An alert had been broadcast following a report of a man pointing a gun at passing traffic,’ said [Madison, Wisconsin] police spokesman Joel DeSpain. ‘The first responding officer drew his duty weapon and stood behind his open door of the squad (car).'” Perhaps a little instruction in that whole cover/concealment get-off-the-X thing wouldn’t go amiss. Or weapons ID. As reports, the weapon turned out to be a radar gun. A 70-year-old (not pictured above) who just wanted traffic to slow down a little on Chapel Hill Road decided he’d sit in his car and paint oncoming traffic in hopes that they’d ease off the gas a little. Imagine his surprise when he found himself on his knees by the side of the road with two cops pointing their guns at him. Turns out he was doing nothing illegal. “Once the situation was figured out, police said, the citizen was told his mistake was in not notifying police of his traffic monitoring plan.” Apparently a citizen engaging in a legal activity (in Wisconsin, anyway) has an obligation to notify his local cop shop in advance. Keep that in mind, cheddarheads.