Nine IL Counties Vote on Concealed Carry Today

Not that the outcomes of the referenda, one way or the other, will have any effect on downstaters’ ability to pack heat any time soon. From “The measures are non-binding, since no local law can override state law. But advocates hope the votes help build pressure on lawmakers to support so-called “concealed carry,” an issue that resonates in much of Illinois, and highlights the divide between Chicago’s powerful anti-gun forces and the rest of the state.” So while it mayy feel good pulling that lever (or punching that chad) in favor of the good ol’ 2A, the ballot measures will have about as much effect on the Windy City’s anti-gun rights stance as gravity has on Shlomit Riger. Short of secession from everything north of I-80, the rest of the Land of Lincoln will remain in their Constitutional rights-free zone for the foreseeable future, ballot questions or not.