Irresponsible Gun Owner of the Day: Un-Named Memphis Cop

These days, it just doesn’t seem like a real warrant service without Fido or Sparky taking a parabellum or two. So when a couple of Memphis’s finest were executing (no pun intended) a warrant yesterday and came across two large dogs in the residence, they knew what to do. One of the canines, a pit bull, was crated and even internal affairs might have looked askance at a dog being plugged while safely confined to its cage. However the other pooch, a Cane Corso, was loose and, according an MPD spokesnoid, charged one of the cops. As reported by, “One of the officers attempted to shoot the dog, but missed and hit Officer Willie Bryant, 32, in the back . . .”

“Bryant was wearing a protective vest at the time,” but the round must have penetrated as he underwent surgery and is reported to be in critical condition. Here’s hoping he makes a full recovery.

After Bryant was taken to the hospital Animal Control searched the home. They found two more Cane Corsos in the backyard, as well as a dozen fish inside the house. Memphis Animal Services took all four dogs.

The “charging” dog apparently wasn’t so aggressive as to continue his attack after Bryant was shot by his partner. There’s no word as to any threat posed by the fish.

The Memphis PD doesn’t have what most would consider a stellar record as of late. Once the un-named officer is ID’d — if ever — we’ll be sending him an IGOTD trophy as a conversation piece to show his buddies while he’s on desk duty. The fish should probably count themselves as lucky.