Defensive Gun Use of the Day: Nine Pellets of OO Justice Edition

A Saturday morning home invasion ended the way all such things should: with a shotgun blast and two scum-suckers running off into the first light of a new day. “The homeowner on Franklin-Madison Road in Franklin Township [OH] tells FOX19 he was sleeping on the couch at 6:45 Saturday morning when he woke up to find a man holding a hand over his mouth and saying ‘don’t talk; we just want your money.’ A second man had gone upstairs where the man’s wife and daughter were sleeping.” But the couch-sleeper had his smoothbore nearby. After a struggle with invader number one, he was able to retrieve it and send a volley of lead in his general direction. Alarmed by the armed response, the two beat feet, trailing blood as they bid the homeowner a good day. Josh Horwitz wasn’t available for comment.