Home Defense Tip: Keep Your Keys Inside the House

“Longview (WA) police said the woman heard a man later identified as Joshua Robert Pratt, 25, of Longview opening the front door of her home in the 1800 block of Larch Street just before midnight Sunday. According to police, she grabbed her husband’s 9mm handgun and confronted the burglar, who was slowly opening the door and creeping into the house when he spotted the woman with the gun.” That was enough to cause an immediate about face, tdn.com reports. “The woman’s husband then took the gun and pointed it at the man, who begged, ‘Don’t shoot! Don’t shoot!’ police said,” before tearing off into the night. How did Josh open the door? Is he an expert lock picker? Not exactly. “The couple noticed the key they usually hide outside was stuck in the door’s lock.” Oops. It didn’t take long for the local 5-0 to track Pratt down, who’s been checked into the graybar hotel. Maybe that under-the-mat hiding place needs a re-think.