Not The Truth About Shiner Bock Beer, Yes, or Burning Man.

From: Dan
To: Nick, Chris, Tyler, Joe, Ralph

With Robert and me in the air tomorrow, please feel free to cut loose and post whatever you’d like. Again, we’re posting every two hours to cover the time. I’m not saying you should go ahead and post that knife review you’ve had rattling around in your head all this time, but . . .

From: Chris
To: Nick, Tyler, Joe, Ralph

Dudes, did you hear that? Nick and Tyler, you can finally post The Truth About Shiner Bock! And The Truth About Chuy’s Mexican Food! And I’ve got a 13,300 word article on the back burner for months, a retrospective on my favorite British progressive-rock band of all time: The Truth About Yes!

It’s absolutely brilliant, and Farago will love it since he’s going to be playing Jeremy Clarkson all weekend; Jezza loves that shit. It’s got lots of YouTube clips and photos of cover art, but I’ll put that picture of the SIG/Sauer P226 Mk.25 at the end to make sure Farago likes it.

But remember, Dan said no knives so keep it about food or music or something else. Just no knives.

My Yes article takes about 45 minutes to read, so that should keep Farago preoccupied while Joe finally gets to post The Truth About Burning Man. All those pictures of naked, paint-covered hippie chicks will probably bring in an extra 20k or 30k hits, easy. Porn really sells; we’ll just put an NSFW tag on the story to keep it legit. Man, those Gunup guys will be impressed with our numbers!

From: Ralph
To: Chris, Nick, Joe, Tyler

I could post a really nice recipe for peach cobbler.

From: Tyler
To: Ralph, Nick, Joe, Chris

I’d definitely read that.