Limited-Edition TTAG AR Lowers! Or Not.

Courtesy Chris Dumm for The Truth About Guns

A couple of days ago, Tyler stumbled across the web site of York Arms, a manufacturer who will make limited runs of AR-15 or AR-10 lowers with custom engravings, serial numbers, selector switch icons, or anything else. This got Tyler thinking in a direction of which Nick, Dan, Joe and I heartily approve: Why doesn’t Farago send us each a custom TTAG AR-15 for Hanukkah/Christmas/Festivus/Hogfather’s Night/Winter Solstice/Holiday Of Our Choice?  . . .

This idea caught on with us writers (well duh?) and ideas about our custom engraved ARs were soon flying around thicker and faster than lead in Kandahar. Nick suggested that the selector switch be marked SAFE/FIRE/GIGGLE, in memoriam of the full-auto ARs we’ll almost certainly never own. He also thinks they should be marked with the TTAG logo and URL so that we get some brand placement every time we take them to the range or use them to test components and accessories.

My own execrable Photoshop skills are on display in the title photo. I think our TTAG lowers need some kind of humorous but intuitive selector markings like those in the photo. Perhaps the Stars and Stripes for ‘FIRE.’ and a white flag of surrender (or the French Tricoleur – which is the same thing) for ‘SAFE?’

Engraving the TTAG QR code on the magazine well might be a cool idea, so that fellow shooters can scan our rifles with their smartphones and be directed straight to our blog. And I’d definitely want TTAG custom serial numbers to bring a whole new meaning to the creed “This is my rifle. There are others like it, but this one is mine.”

Now we put it to you, dear readers: what should we engrave on our hypothetical limited-edition TTAG-build AR-15’s? And how many of you would be interested in reserving one for yourself?