Defensive Gun Use of the Day: Conflicted Edition

News flash: DGU’s happen here in California, too. In the rural area of Salinas, a good Samaritan shot two armed robbers. “Police said a 36-year-old man outside retrieved a handgun from his car, entered, and shot the two youths. His identity has not been disclosed, but police said he is associated with someone who was inside the deli.” And “they do not plan to ask that charges be filed against him when the case is referred to the District Attorney’s Office.” Apparently, though, locals are a bit uneasy about this whole defending yourself and your loved ones thing . . .

“It raises uncomfortable questions,” said Brian Contreras, director of 2nd Chance Family and Youth Services in Salinas. “But you don’t want to be an armchair quarterback.”

“I understand the frustration of the community,” Contreras said. “We’re tired of all the violence. Tired of hearing about people shot while riding their bicycles. But that’s not the call for people to take up guns. I also understand some of those people who are like, ‘Those were 17-year-old kids.'”

Yes, they were 17. And they were illegally carrying firearms to commit a crime. Just by pulling the guns in the store, they committed a felony. The bystander-turned-crime-stopper went to his car, got his gun and defended the store, along with the people in it. He didn’t break the law, and no one but those who were committing a felony anyway were hurt or killed.

Mayor Dennis Donohue said the good Samaritan description of the shooter is “technically accurate — somebody chose to get involved. I think everybody agrees that this individual did something very understandable. Who wouldn’t protect their son or daughter?

“Somebody who chooses to risk their life on behalf of others, I think we all can appreciate anybody who does that, because they are potentially putting themselves in harm’s way.”

He cautioned, however, that not enough is known yet about the events of that night.

“This incident has some very specific elements and it should not be used as an example. The basic message remains the same: violence begets violence.”

Thanks for the leadership Yeronner. While staking out a position solidly on the top of the fence regarding the shooting, Mayor Donohue didn’t let the crisis pass without using it as a plea for more police funding.

But we need to have the necessary law enforcement assets to support that. This police department is really being taxed but continues to go above and beyond, stretching themselves and working hard to protect this community. But from a resource standpoint they’re getting pushed to the brink. And it matters. Folks may be frustrated, but in my view, there’s a clear answer.

Because there’s no problem that more tax dollars won’t solve. He fails to understand that unless you have a police officer on every corner and in every home, in most cases the police are arriving after the fact. It’s great when they can get there in time, but in reality it just isn’t possible. I carry a gun because carrying a cop is hard on my back.