If you’re looking for a pre-owned H&R Harrington and Richardson “Topper” 12 ga. 20″ shotgun, there’s one on gunbroker.com. No bids yet, three days to go! [h/t Nathan]

11 Responses to What’s Wrong With This Picture: H&R Blockhead Edition

  1. So he’s a top and he’s showing off his boomstick that he plans on selling.

    Ah, good ol’ skeezy sounding Gunbroker.com ads.

  2. Overcompensating for something, perhaps? Or is the photographer getting ready to reenact the time he got his willy stuck in a choke tube?

  3. It took me a moment to figure out what I was looking at, and I’m sorry that I got to the answer. The only advantage there is that if he shoots himself, his brain (what little he has already) will be gone before the pain from the mail room reaches the executive floor.

  4. I see the logic, just not good logic in the 3rd pic he has. He says in the description, the shotgun has been modified to accept screw in chokes. He is showing the modification, just not in the best way.

  5. I guess he didn’t have a camera stand…or a make-shift shotgun stand either. Or he just likes fantasizing about suicide!

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