This pic of a highly customized Predator has been making the rounds on the Internet as a firearm figure of fun (courtesy While the “mall ninja” Nighthawk is a bit OTT, if someone wants to pour Tacticoolaid on a custom 1911 I say gopher it. I called Nighhawk for their take. The gunmaker’s Director of Operations said they didn’t have a hand in the mods. In fact, Shawn Armstrong reckons the only thing “real” is the ambi safety and the light rail (for the X300). Everything else–hand-stop, flash suppressor, red dot sight—has been either stuck on or photoshopped [Nick: I’m pretty sure AAC doesn’t make a 51T mount in anything over 7.62, which means any “normal” handgun round will get stuck to disastrous results]. “Our customers like to mod triggers, grips, the safety and whether or not they want writing on the slide,” Armstrong said. “And that’s about it.” For $3.5k (plus extras), I reckon I’d be all done too.

12 Responses to Nighthawk Reveals Top Predator Mods (Not Shown)

  1. Holy fvck, that screams mall ninja. Maybe you can generate 600 yard suppressing fire with it. My first comment dissappeared because I forgut to use the v instead of the u.

  2. Wouldn’t be that tough to rig up a lathe fixture to support the leaves of the flash suppressor so you could bore it out to .470in. The potentially difficult part would be the interrupted cut in heat-treated steel (carbide cutters don’t like interrupted cut) but it probably wouldn’t be too bad since the heat-treat on these things is optimized for toughness rather than hardness.

    I know, I know, not the point. Just saying it’s possible.

  3. It looks like a rear sight right behind the front sight. An exact copy of the actual rear sight on the weapon.

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