Weatherby Vanguard That

Robert Kaleta is the Director of Communications & Technical Operations at Carl Zeiss Sport Optics. You might not expect Kaleta to play favorites when it comes to deciding upon which sporting firearm he places glass. Wrong. And for good reason (see: above). “I’ve owned the new Weatherby Vanguard Series 2 for just over a year now. The Vanguard Series 2 has moved to the front of the gun safe as my new ‘go to’ rifle. In one year’s time this rifle has allowed me to anchor 3 Bull Elk, 2 Antelope, 1 Mule Deer, and a Barbary Sheep. The .300 Wby Magnum is an absolute knockout for both instantaneous lethality and for accurate long distance shooting. I have never crossed paths with a better out of the box rifle for quality components, dependability and one hole accuracy at such an attractive price point. Well done to Team Weatherby and to your design team.”