TTAG New Comment / Post Notification System Good to Go. Again.

Some time in 1863 (in Internet time), TTAG’s new comment and post notification system went Tango Uniform. Our web guys (Zippy Kid) eventually gave up waiting for Jetpack’s de-bugging efforts and rolled back the comment system to the previous version. Et voila! You can now tick the little boxes beneath the comment box to sign-up for email notification for new comments under a thread or all new posts. It’s easy enough to remove either or both with the link provided in the email. If your in-box is as full as Jiffy Pop popcorn note that we’ve also set-up WordPress to Tweet new posts automatically. RSSers can click on the little logo on the home page to set that up. Anyway, the notification system is a thing of beauty. Go play! Just don’t break it. And thanks for your patience.