This is What Happens to a Disarmed Populace: South Sudan Edition


“South Sudan’s security forces are shooting, torturing and raping civilians in the country’s east, rights group Amnesty International said on Wednesday, urging the government and United Nations to do more to stop the abuses.” reuters‘ lede fails to mention the key fact about the unconscionable suffering inflicted by these Owellian-named “security forces.” But the news service does get there eventually: “Soldiers and police have been fanning out across Jonglei – home to a huge, largely unexplored oil field – to try and collect thousands of weapons left over from decades of civil war that are now fuelling tribal clashes and a growing rebellion.” Kudos to Amnesty International for flagging the firearms-related fatalities. Brickbats for their “solution” . . .

“Far from bringing security to the region, the SPLA and the police auxiliary forces have committed shocking human rights violations and the authorities are doing very little to stop the abuse,” Amnesty International’s Africa Director, Audrey Gaughran, said in the statement.

The group said the United Nations mission in the country should do more to protect civilians and “(deploy) peacekeepers in areas where there is significant potential for violations by the SPLA”.

Right. ‘Cause the answer to unbridled brutality is foreign intervention, rather than say, armed self-defense. White man’s burden much?