Self-Defense Tip: Know Your Exits and What’s Beyond Them

Dave “No Relation” Sauer reckons there are two kinds of gunfights: proactive and reactive. Chances are you’re not going to go out to hunt down some poor bastard and shoot them. So, basically, there’s only one kind of armed conflict. The one where someone tries to kill you and you react to the attack. Much has been written (here and elsewhere) on just how bad it sucks to be the good guy, tactically speaking. I don’t know about you but the only curve I want to be behind belongs to Adi Himelbloy (or similar). Dave adds his voice to the chorus of gun gurus advising students to move first, draw second. Or move draw and move. Question: where are you going? Even if you don’t sit with your back to the door mafiosi style, it’s important to know where the door is. Where all the doors are. “No exit” are not the last words you want to see, unless you’re a Sartre fan. And maybe not even then.