Question of the Day: Red Dot on Your Handgun?

Rich Grassi [not shown] recently reviewed the Trijicon RMR for a Tactical Wire email blast. Grok the grumpy: “I tried the Dual Illuminated RMR first. It was a bright, sunny day and the dot reflected that. It was large and bright to the point of not having a sharp edge.” Unsurprisingly, Trijicon’s Domestic Programs Manager loves him some red dot Glock. “I drive out to the target and dip the muzzle at the end, putting the dot right on the target,” Shaun Rategan told TW. “It’s easy to find the dot now.” Now? “I tried his technique. It requires a bit of learning. Is it worth it? Grassi asks. “We shot the RMR out to 100 yards.” Despite concerns about adverse light environments, weaponlight compatibility and reticle shine back Grassi reckons “It’s the wave of the future . . . We can climb aboard now or get dragged aboard later.” Include me out. You?