Question of the Day: Does Open Carry Depend on Racial Profiling?

For the last year or so, my FFL guy’s been open carrying. Steve’s a soft-spoken fifty-something who clocks in at 5’9″, 155 pounds. No one has EVER asked him about his heater—despite the fact that my gun range BFF lives and works in RI. By the same token, I’m hardly surprised that a comely clean-cut chick packing a Glock in an [apparently] suburban Stop ‘N Rob doesn’t inspire a panicked public. But what if a twenty-something African American male decided to open carry in the same store? Or a swarthy man wearing wearing a shemagh? Does the ability to “open carry” end where prejudice begins? [NOTE: I will allow discussions of racial and religious politics in this thread and treat them with more-than-usual latitude. However, overtly racist remarks will be removed without notice.]