Preppers Prep for Post-Election Riots


Some people long for the thing they dread. They get tired of waiting for it to occur. I’m not saying that hard-core preppers yearn for ye olde S to HTF. Well, maybe not to the point where they’d make it happen—although someone should discuss that with James Patterson. Anyway, raises the prospect of a post-election riot and offers some timely advice. “Armed protection against a mob is much more effective if you have a group of defenders. A single person, or small family group, doesn’t stand much chance against a mob, even if armed. Remember, they may be armed as well, and as we saw in the Rodney King Riots, they may be perfectly willing to use their weapons. And, nothing much will protect you against a fire spreading.” Ultimately, it all comes down to . . . money. “Make sure your insurance is in good shape (check that it covers a riot) and get the hell out of there [riot prone areas] ahead of time with any irreplaceable belongings and records.” Roger that.