Ozzies Stunned by Stun Gun Attacks


“Melbourne comedian Richard McKenzie was jolted from behind with a stun gun in the city’s inner-north as he walked home from the Lord Newry Hotel in Fitzroy North in the early hours of Sunday,” theaustralian.com.au reports. “A group of men who had jumped out from a following car assaulted him and used the stun gun twice more before fleeing with his bag. ‘My arms and legs just wouldn’t work. I couldn’t grip anything. I couldn’t hold on to my bag. I couldn’t stand up.'” Hey this is no laughing matter! That said, a stand-up comedian who couldn’t stand up? But seriously, bastards. What’s more . . .

There are fears [that a] weekend robbery, which put a 37-year-old man in hospital with a dislocated shoulder, could be the start of a new crime wave as thugs exploit the availability of the electro-shock devices from overseas.

Hold the phone . . . You mean criminals will use something else if you ban civilian handgun ownership? Does that mean Australia’s gun control policies—which leave its law-abiding population unarmed against violent attacks—is working?

Melbourne youth worker Les Twentyman said a growing black market was emerging for such weapons as drug addicts become more desperate.

More desperate because . . . handguns are banned? Drugs are in short supply? That’s just the way they are? All news stories must contain the meme that “this sucks and it’s getting worse”?

Yes, it’s a trend! Mind you, it’s an old one. But any story that plays to Australians’ fear of crime, dependence on the state and xenophobia is worth pursuing.

“The use of Tasers for an assault like this is very rare,” Detective Senior Constable Sean Schimizzi told reporters on Monday.

“It is rare, but we are very concerned.”

In 2010, police in Victoria seized 200 stun guns, and South Australian authorities found hundreds more shipped from China and disguised as battery-operated torches.

“There is no legitimate use for stun guns in the community,” states the latest Customs and Border Protection Service annual report.

Well what do you expect from a device designed purely to restart people’s hearts in an emergency? Oh wait . . .

Stun guns are currently restricted in Oz (permit required in some states). They’ll be completely banned for civilians use in three . . . two . . . one . . .