OMG! A Stun Gun Cell Phone! At an Airport! OMG!

I guess we haven’t reached the too-common-to-tout tipping point on the “PASSENGER WITH A GUN!” media meme. Truth be told, the TSA’s blue goons intercept hundreds of forgotten firearms, TASERS, knives, toenail clippers, family-sized shampoo bottles and other dangerous weapons from airline passengers every week. The fact that “Airport screeners confiscated yesterday a suspicious device that looked like a cell phone but was actually an elaborately disguised stun gun” is only interesting in that some people don’t know such a James Bondian device exists. As reports, “Yesterday’s seizure followed a busy holiday weekend for screeners at the region’s three major airports, where Farbstein said the TSA confiscated a varied array of weapons, including throwing knives, a hand gun, more stun guns, a machete, and a cane containing a concealed knife. The weekend incidents resulted in a total of five arrests.” Poor stupid bastards.