Note to Obama: Naval Gun Sales Are Hot!

President Obama’s assertion that the U.S. Navy has enough ships pissed off all but a few of the service’s 429,771 active and reserve members, their camp followers and God knows how many Navy-related tax-payer tit suckers. But fear not! Naval force is still the dish of the day. Even though Somali pirates are pulling back their proverbial [demonic] horns in the face of armed opposition, brings glad tidings of a new(ish) “pirate-hunting ship gun” (as opposed to a pirate ship hunting gun). The updated version of the Bofors 40 Mk4 system is “about 40 percent lighter and cheaper than an earlier model.” What’s more (or the same) “the 40 millimeter gun can be used against helicopters and other airborne targets, as well as ships, and can fire as many as 300 rounds a minute.” Unfortunately, BAE’s GCS Weapons builds the gun in Sweden. Time to give BAE’s millionaires and billionaires incentive to move production stateside, methinks.