When we talked to his neighbors, they all said the same thing. “Frank? Oh he seemed nice enough. He was just the quiet type, you know? A good neighbor. Pretty much kept to himself. I can’t believe he did what they say he did. Guess you just don’t know about some people.”

15 Responses to Creepy Gun Video of the Day: Ruger Super Redhawk Alaskan Edition

  1. Apparently the way to defend yourself against Frank, the spree killer. is to stay at least 15 feet away from him and move at a brisk pace, even a mild jog.

  2. Dude walks like a zombie. And yes, if the goal was to make a video that would lower housing prices in his neighborhood, he has succeeded admirably.


  3. I guess some people don’t get dry comedy. If that’s the case, what ever you do, avoid OTG’s “Keep it in your workspace” video, you’ll hate that. That goes triple if you consider yourself “an operator” or “tactical”.

    You should watch the last couple vids he did going Trap shooting, they were most excellent.

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