Cook County “Violence Tax”: Five Cents a Bullet, $25 a Gun


Nine days ago, Toni Preckwinkle [above, Il Duce style] proposed a “violence tax” on ammo. The Cook County Board President wanted legal gun owners to pay for the costs of illegal acts by (presumably) illegal gun owners. Not that the money would be ring-fenced. Or that the tax has anything to do with the Board’s forthcoming $100m deficit. Anyway, despite opposition from anyone with half a brain (including Chicago gang bangers who took one to the cranium) Preckwinkle is pushing forward with her expanded plan. reports that today’s the day she submits a budget proposal mandating a five cent tax on each bullet sold and a $25 surcharge for each firearm vended in the County. And guess what? She has the votes to make it happen. Expect a court challenge and plenty o’ media coverage.