Gear Review: Millet 1-4 x 24 DMS Rifle Scope BK81002

With hunting season coming up fast, its a good bet that there are a couple people out there looking for a new optic to put on their gun. I was in the same boat a few weeks back, as I was on the hook to send the Leupold 300 BLK scope back to the factory, thus leaving my 300 BLK gun naked. Thankfully, I found a deal on Primary Arms’ website on a riflescope with some nice specs and a good price, and I think it paid off pretty well. Let me tell you about it . . .

Let me talk about what I was looking for in a hunting optic before I get further into this review. My use case is between 5 and 250 yards, engaging targets with a bullet whose trajectory doesn’t vary by more than 2 inches in that distance. For that, a variable power optic with a 1x or similar low power setting is ideal. Thankfully everyone and their brother makes a low power scope like that these days, but getting one with a reticle I liked was the challenge.

That’s what drew me to this scope first, not the deliciously low price. The reticle on this scope is clean, providing just enough marking and information to get you level and on target without cluttering up the scope. Like the old style German reticle, with the three bars and clear upper half. It lets you actually see what’s going on, which I really liked. And then, on top of the clean look, the actual aiming point is relatively small and doesn’t cover much of the target (unlike the $2,000 Swarovski, built for the same purpose but with a massive dot).

The scope isn’t a FFP or First Focal Plane scope, so the reticle stays the same size no matter how far you’re zoomed in, which throws off the calculations when you’re not zoomed all the way out (the circle is 10 MoA at 1x, 2 point something zoomed all the way in). But as long as you remember that and remember what your magnification is set to you’re good to go.

Oh, and the reticle is illuminated for low light shooting. Which is nice. There’s a little bleeding to the 10 o’ clock position, but not enough to throw off shots.

The controls on this scope are pretty solid for the price. The clicks aren’t as “sharp” as they would be on nicer scopes, but they hold their position even after some rough treatment and are accurate enough to get a good zero on your gun. The covers do feel a little cheap, and the magnification adjustment dial feels a little light, but it doesn’t rattle or show any other signs of defects.

In terms of optical clarity, we are nowhere near Swarovski territory. The 1x isn’t a “true” 1x setting (the magnification is small, but noticeable), and the image presented through the scope is a little fuzzy and cloudy. Its useable, and it works, but in low light settings it might be a bit of a hindrance in getting that perfect shot.

While I wanted a scope that was good for hunting, the reality is that this scope would be great for 3-gun competition shooting as well. For those looking for a scope that lets them engage close range as well as long range targets this scope is definitely a good investment.

Oh, did I mention the price? $200. Yeah, for $200 you get an awesome reticle, a “pretty good” build quality, and a pretty great feature set. Its exactly what you would want for a hunting optic for short to medium range game (like, under 250 – 300 yards), especially for those looking for something to fill the role while they save up for that nice piece of glass down the road.

That’s really this scope’s niche. It gets you the functionality you need at a price that won’t break the bank, and with a quality that will keep you in good stead while you look for and save for a nicer scope. Its an intermediate solution, nice enough to be viable for a permanent fixture (especially with that reticle) but one that the shooter might find themselves outgrowing at some point down the road.

And for me, for now, that’s exactly what I needed.

Millet 1-4 x 24 DMS Rifle Scope BK81002

Weight: 18 oz.
1/4 MoA
$200 (Primary Arms website)

Ratings (out of five stars):
All ratings are relative to similar products, final rating is not mathematically derived from the preceding ratings.

Optical Clarity * *
Eh. Its okay, but not great.

Feel & Function * * * *
Everything moves and feels pretty good, but the lack of sharp clicks on the adjustment knobs makes me a little wary of the internal mechanics.

Overall Quality * * * *
There are some things that make the scope feel as cheap as it costs. Like the texture on the adjustment knob, and the optical quality, and the reticle illumination bleeding a little bit. But overall the thing feels solid.

Overall Rating * * * *
For $200 I have no qualms whatsoever recommending this scope. Its not perfect, but its good enough for newer shooters or those looking to try out a variable power 1x+ scope. Competition shooting, hunting, general plinking and fooling around… this scope would be great for any of those uses. Not perfect, but great. And for the price, it really can’t be beat.