DGU Week In Review: The Hits Just Keep On Comin’

If there’s one thing you can say about our DGU shooters, they’re pretty damn accurate. I have yet to come across a defensive gun use report where innocents were injured or killed by the person doing the defending. Funny, but that’s not what you’d expect if you listen to the anti-gun zealots, who try to convince us that guns in the hands of everyday folks will lead to mass carnage and blood ankle-deep in the streets. Let’s take a look at what’s really happening . . .

Gaffney, South Carolina was the scene of a holdup at the corner Stop-n-Rob…err, Bargain Spot. An armed store clerk spoiled the post-jail party for Lee Tate, who was released from the local lockup (for the twelfth time!) just three hours before. Tate stood in the doorway with a semi-auto rifle while his buddy went for the clerk’s deposit bag.

Two shots center-of-mass didn’t put Tate out of his misery, unfortunately, but he’s not likely to see the light of day for some time if Cherokee County Sheriff Mueller has his way.

The sheriff’s been keeping Tate’s bunk warm: “He’s been in here (the jail) about 12 times over the past few years,” Mueller said. “The only time he didn’t visit was 2011, and that’s probably because he was in prison somewhere [else].”

The concept of aiming at your target seems to forever elude the bad guys in TV and movie shootouts. Hundreds of rounds from full-auto weapons rain down on the overly-handsome actors of CSI and 5-0, but it only takes a double-tap from Deeks or Dano to send the entire abandoned warehouse of thugs to the ground, grunting and expiring in Shakespearean fashion.

An Orlando homeowner benefited from the Bad Guy School of Marksmanship when three gunmen entered his home uninvited. It’s not clear who shot first, and two of the thugs’ actions were predictable – running when the lead started flying. The homeowner under fire was not injured. His target, however, was hit multiple times, and is now in critical condition.

A homeowner in Memphis, Tennessee, was shot and wounded by a robber (second article), but that didn’t stop him from killing one of the intruders. A knock at the door revealed four armed men. One thug started shooting, hitting the 28-year-old resident, who returned fire. The newly ventilated intruder died at the scene while the other three robbers turned tail and ran.

Twenty-six-year-old Milton Lee Barber is in critical condition after invading the home of an unnamed, armed and accurate woman. Barber, a convicted sex offender and repeat felon, was hosting a one-man crime spree. Less than an hour after cleaning out a property management office, Barber entered a Lake City home the old-school way, breaking a window and cutting himself in the process.

The homeowner heard the noise, armed herself, then attempted to exit her home. Barber started chasing her; running from her home, she screamed for help several times before putting one shot into Barber’s chest, ending the threat.

Danny Ellis, proprietor of Gabby Hall Auto Parts in Dallas, is open for business and feeling fine after shooting 52-year-old Edward Horton. Ellis was tired of the nightly burglaries at his shop, so he staked out his store and caught two burglars taking radiators out of cars. Yelling “freeze!” didn’t do much but get a chunk of metal heaved at him, so Danny opened fire, hitting Horton once in the back.

Spend five minutes at any anti-gun website and read all about how gun owners are loose cannons, ready to shoot at the slightest hint of a threat. But the facts don’t bear this out; after reviewing hundreds of defensive gun use incidents, it would appear that lawful citizens are just about the most accurate shooters around.