Irresponsible Gun Owner of the Day: James Morgan

I’ve never had to deal with with the challenges and worries of having a daughter, and more thankful I could not be. Just too many issues and variables there compared to raising a boy. Not the least of which being every male her age doing everything he possibly can to get in her pants. When meeting one of her dates, I’d probably take an approach like the dad in Clueless, making sure he knows about my .45 and my shovel. So you can almost understand what was going through James Morgan’s mind when he found his daughter driving in a car with two young gentlemen of whom he disapproved. OK, no you can’t . . .

Morgan allegedly saw his daughter in a car with the two boys and pulled in front of it, blocking its way and then pointing his handgun at the teens.

‘I will f****** kill you,’ he told the trio, demanding they exit the car.

His daughter exited the vehicle at his request and tried to calm him down, a complaint states, but the attempt failed.

Morgan then hit his daughter in the head and shattered the window of the car with his gun in order to pull out the 14-year-old boy, police say.

That’s when the two in the car regained their senses and slammed the pedal on the right. But Morgan wasn’t finished with his daughter’s friends.

Not content with the show of force, Morgan reportedly called one of the teens and left a voicemail in which he threatened to ‘kill him if he ever came near the daughter or the house’ adding that he ‘has no problem pulling the trigger’, police said.

And then he told his daughter to, if asked, lie about the gun he’d been waiving around. So James probably won’t be asked to share any parenting lessons at the next PTA meeting. Not that he’ll probably be available, since he’s been charged with armed with intent, attempted burglary, assault and use of a weapon, criminal mischief, harassment, tampering with a witness and assault causing injury while displaying a weapon. We’d send him an IGOTD trophy, but we have a feeling he’d use it the next time he runs across his daughter’s friends again in little Swisher Iowa.