Irresponsible Gun Owner of the Day: Carlos Arias

Who among us hasn’t done stupid shit just to impress a girl? It’s pretty much a rite of passage, isn’t it? Of course, the stupid shit most guys pull usually consists of something relatively harmless like spending too much money on dinner and flowers. Some will go even farther, buying a car they can’t afford. The problem is, some guys just don’t seem to know how far is too far. Take Carlos Arias. He wanted to show his girl how awesomely tough and cool he is while they were cruising in Louisville last week . . .

And according to, he figured a little gunfire was the surest way to a young girl’s heart.

According to the police report, Carlos R Turrelles Arias, 21, was trying to show off for a pregnant girl he had in the car when he got out of his silver Mazda on Southland and fired off several rounds. Witnesses said they ran for their lives as Arias shot at them and into the air. Police said several children were playing in the area.

But don’t try to tell Mrs. Arias’s boy Carlos what he can and can’t do with his gun. “The police report also states Arias told officers it is his right to own a gun and fire it when, and where, he wants.” One out of three ain’t bad!

Of course he’ll almost surely lose his gun rights going forward. That kinda goes with the territory once you’ve been convicted of wanton endangerment 1st degree, carrying a concealed weapon, no operators license and tampering with physical evidence. So after all that, just about the only thing he’ll have a right to carry around will be our IGOTD trophy. And we can’t wait to see how many chicks he impresses with that.