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“I could not sit idly by and listen to such irrational prejudice and slander,” said Paul Markel, producer and host of Student of the Gun. “We are trying to combat the hate-speech and prejudice put out during the Presidential Debates this week. And so, we hereby declared Thursday, October 18, 2012 to be National Hug your AK Day.”  . . .

“We encourage free Americans and citizens nationwide to take a moment and hug their AK. If you don’t have an AK to hug, hug your Stoner or Garand. Find someone who does have an AK and offer to join them in a group hug.”

Markel continued, “While you are hugging your favorite Kalashnikov take a moment to consider all the AK’s that have been slandered, libeled, and the targets of hate-speech by self-serving politicians and their sycophant accomplices in the media. Assure your AK that you will do your very best to guard and protect it from such misguided hate and prejudice.”

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41 Responses to Have You Hugged Your AK Today?

  1. This general idea is actually very good counter-propaganda or neutralizing messaging to all the gun-grabber anti-AK assault weapon attack messaging that has been going on lately, and well for decades too. If gun-owners were to pose in such warm cuddly embraces with their guns and post the pictures all over the Internet it would probably encourage lots of non-gun owners to imagine guns in a new way, especially young women. Suddenly, guns are warm and cuddly. Who’d of thought that before?

  2. I don’t have an AK. I don’t dare try to hug my Mosin. That’s a real man’s rifle. None of that touchy feely shit for “Boris”.

    • Even ugly soviet lumberjacks need some love sometimes, jwm. I don’t have an AK either, and my AR gets plenty of attention, but my Argentine Mauser gets lonely sometimes, too.

    • I have to agree with jwm, hugging your Mosin is like hugging your dominatrix – it just ain’t the way things work…

      “Mosin-Nagant not only punish enemy, Mosin-Nagant punish you.” – Yakov Smirnoff.

      • Yep, if I was in San Francisco I’d pay big money for the kind of beating my Mosin gives me for free. And when it’s done I gotta clean that sumbitch up again or I don’t get no more action.

        Beat me. Abuse me. And make me write bad checks.

    • I hugged, fondled, caressed and stroked my Mosin last night. And all she’ll give me this weekend is a beating. I’m going to sure enjoy it, though. Does that make me a masochist?

      • Some rifles want to use you.
        Some rifles want to be used by you.
        Some rifles want to abuse you.
        Some rifles want to be abused by you.

    • If you don’t treat all your guns equal, you’re going to come in one day to find a little pink bow sticker on the other rifle’s lower receiver and an achingly-desperate, half-despairing look in its sights as it hopes for some of your attention. Seeing that’s going to break your heart. Don’t let it get to that point: treat all of your guns the same.

  3. It’s a gun. It ain’t the love of my life, nor is it a teddy bear. I’ll clean and oil my guns as needed, but I respect them as tools, not as something to cuddle.

  4. I hope an M1 Carbine is good enough. I hugged it after reading this, and it felt good. I may have even locked the action back and played with the bolt release a few times… it sure is a satisfying feeling/sound 🙂

  5. I didn’t hug any AKs today, but I stripped two of them yesterday. It was all for legitimate scientific purposes, mind you; nothing icky or anything. Really.

  6. My State banned Ak-47s =(. So I have a Vz.58. I just put a railed handguard on it and it took some doin’ so we had lots of “us” time tonight.

  7. After I read this I had to open the safe and give my MAK-90 some luvvins.

    Rant *** I really wish Hogue would make a buttstock for AK’s. I have the pistol grip and hand guard which are tops but they won’t complete the trifecta. A NATO length Hogue buttstock would complete my MAK and make me a very happy man.

  8. lets see if you guys can hang onto them or use them when the new SS, the dept of Homeland Security comes like the Jack Boots to the door at one am and says “were here to pick up the guns’,, Its coming, this guy in the white house if following the Comunist Agenda, to the letter. Every word out of his mouth is a lie, or 100 year old Marxist bull that never worked anywhere. We have this one last chance, so wake as many of your neighbors as possible.

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