Guns Save Life: Stop Contributing to Illinois’ Gun Grabbers

By John Boch

What would you say to a group of politicians who attack everyday, law-abiding baseball fans and wanted to ban America’s favorite pastime? What if they claimed it was because the game is dangerous? You’d think they were pretty out of touch, wouldn’t you? And you would be absolutely right. Well, the Democratic Party of Illinois (DPI) has declared war on everyday, law-abiding gun owners in Illinois along with America’s favorite rifle, the ubiquitous and versatile modern sporting rifle known to all as the AR-15 . . .

The Democratic Party of Illinois (DPI) proudly wears the “DEMOCRATS: The Party of Gun Control” label in a series of mailings sent by the DPI as part of a coordinated attack on law-abiding gun owners in Illinois.

Stephanie Kifowit wants to distract prospective constituents from her party’s support of a 67% increase in the income tax rate in Illinois, the abolition of the state’s death penalty and the Illinois’ endless deficit spending. So instead, she’s created a convenient strawman — America’s favorite rifle. It’s just another example of the party’s non-stop war on gun owners.

The mailings suggest that owners of ARs are only one bad hair day away from shooting up their towns and cities. They present a danger to their families, neighbors and communities. And naturally, the Democrats are the last line of defense against bloodletting in our schools and on our streets, promising to support more bans on semi-auto rifles and full capacity magazines.

Who runs the Democratic Party in Illinois? Michael Madigan, the Illinois House Speaker and chairman of the Illinois Democratic Party.

Why don’t we have right-to-carry in Illinois? Because Madigan and the IDP want it that way.

Who has sent out these flyers in a host of Illinois districts? The Madigan-controlled Illinois Democratic Party machine.

Oh yeah, who gave us Illinoisans a 67% increase in personal income taxes back in 2010? Who has given us this state’s horrendous deficit spending over the last decade and more? Who gave us the repeal of the death penalty in Illinois? You probably get the picture by now. But they don’t want to talk about any of that. Instead, they’d rather shout about scary black rifles.

Contributions to the Democratic Party of Illinois or any Democratic candidate for state office are contributions to a coordinated, anti-gun political campaign to smear Illinois gun owners and to continue infringing on our Constitutionally protected rights. Donations to downstate Democrats running for the House of Representatives are effectively donations to support this sort of coordinated campaign. It’s support for a candidate who will vote with Madigan as Speaker of the Illinois House and continuation of the status quo in Springfield.

Irrespective of that candidate’s claimed position on right-to-carry, gun rights or other civil rights including self-defense, that candidate has far less power than Madigan. We need a little hope and change in the leadership of the Illinois House. And from that change in leadership, hopefully change will occur within the Democratic Party of Illinois to end their coordinated war on hard-working, law-abiding, gun-owning residents of our state.

John Boch is president of Guns Save Life.