Fast & Furious: It’s Hard Not to be Smug

Gun control advocates had been clamoring for the subject of gun control to come up in last night’s debate, and sure enough they got their wish. Others had hoped that Fast and Furious would see the spotlight and Governor Romney gave it the old college try. The President certainly heard the criticism leveled at his No. 2, Tailgunner Joe Biden, for the smirking, rictus-like grin he affected any time Paul Ryan opened his mouth during their set-to. So when Romney started in on the ATF’s gun running black bag job known as Fast and Furious . . .

POTUS did his damnedest to maintain an appropriately sober look about him while Mitt raised the subject of the .gov running guns to the Mexican cartels. And he almost made it. You can almost see the wheels turning in his head…steady, look serious and engaged, she’ll interrupt him in a minute….

Maybe Barack’s relatively brief grinning was less grating than Joe’s because he doesn’t have the veep’s unnaturally white dentures. But it must be hard to contain the self-satisfaction at having successfully stalled and stonewalled for so long. Not to mention keeping an Attorney General who’s been cited for contempt of Congress.

Or maybe the Prez’s fleeting smirk was self congratulatory, figuring a murdered border patrol agent (Brian Terry) and 50,000 or so dead Mexicans was a small cost of doing business. [h/t Drew C.]